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The ultimate BDSM Party Hand-Clapper which will leave the perfect handprint. 

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Find the right paddle for you! Our handmade custom paddles are durable and can withstand all your Impact needs, choose from a bright selection of colors and styles. Don't see the paddle you are looking for? Email us and get a custom paddle made just for you!

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About us

Dangerous goods started in a shipping container in North Vancouver British Columbia, 12:30am February 14, 2019. 


The origins of the company were organic and not really planned as you would a typical business. Dangerous Goods MFG (DGM) actually stands for the name of the founder. The acronym DGM has been in the family name for six generations.


The beginning started with building a spanking bench and meticulously thinking through the dimensions for not only comfort but also practicality when it came to playing on the bench. Once completed, a partner came over to the shipping container to test out the bench. It was perfect, but they asked to be spanked and there were no paddles around. This is when the first Heart Shaped Paddle was made, specifically for that evening.


Most BDSM toys one finds at a sex store are mass produced and have tendency to fall apart.The goal became to make a stronger, more durable paddle that came in different shapes and colors and could be a great accessory for the BDSM community at large. A lot of care and intention goes into each paddle as it is hand crafted and made specifically for a client. There is a lot of attention to detail and each paddle is unique in its own way.


Fun fact: one of the handmade paddles is actually the hand of the founder. “The Right Red Hand” which is also a ode to Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.


Now Dangerous Goods MFG not only sells reliable BDSM furniture but also the accessories, paddles, floggers, and canes one would need to have a fully functioning dungeon. Dangerous Goods MFG enjoys the excitement and pleasure its paddles and furniture bring to others.


The future of Dangerous Goods MFG will be making more convertible furniture that can serve both as functional house items but also BDSM furniture. Like a coffee table that converts into stocks or a spanking bench. Email us with your custom furniture idea and it will happen.

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